Dog Agility Equipment for Parks

Don’t expect dog agility equipment in parks to be the same as equipment used in dog agility club training.

Local Councils have to think of anyone who may go into a dog park and use the equipment. This is why it is not as high and as steep as club equipment.

Some Dog Parks are small and so equipment is tightly grouped. Other Dog Parks are larger so equipment can be set out along a trail. Equipment that is spread out allows owners to teach dogs away from the hurly burly of the activity.  A more compact layout allows you to run more easily alongside your dog as you move from one piece of equipment to the next – particularly good if your dog is fitter than you!

Paws4Play Dog Agility equipment for parks pictured. Available Australia wide

1 Response to Dog Agility Equipment for Parks

  1. Lesley says:

    We have often been asked “why bother to have agility equipment in a dog park – it’s of not interest to the dog!” Well that may be so – but we do know the use of equipment helps dogs develop confidence – confidence with heights and confidence with ‘see-through’ or ‘open steps’ for example.

    A couple we recently met at the Mornington Dog Park told us they go there to practise what they (and their dog) had learned that week at agility class.

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