About Paws4Play

Paws4Play is all about helping Councils and communities find ways for people with dogs to share parks alongside other activities and park users.

We understand the many people and activities, including sport and kite flying and picnicking and wildlife that compete for a part of our parkland. And we respect this.

We have a particular interest in Dog Parks (fully enclosed areas for dogs) because Dog Parks mean:

  • We can allow people with dogs a share of limited parkland in a controlled way
  • We can allow dogs safely off-leash when the park is near a road
  • We can colocate Dog Parks with things like children’s playgrounds and picnic grounds because with a Dog Park we can separate dogs and people
  • Dogs and people can socialise – and there is research to show the value of dog being able to socialise. And we know the socialising that goes on between people at a dog park!

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